About ChargEco

ChargEco was set up by two frontrunners in green energy, Strides and YTL PowerSeraya. Our shared passion for improving lives and promoting sustainability drives us to transform the way we live, move, and enjoy our lives.

Our journey began with the realisation that a robust charging infrastructure is essential for the successful transition to electric vehicles (EV). Recognising the need for widespread EV charging points, we made it our mission to bridge the gap between EVs and easily accessible charging facilities.

With decades of experience in mobility and energy solutions, we possess a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities associated with decarbonisation and EV adoption. Through our firm belief in making EV charging more convenient, we aim to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and pave the way towards a cleaner and greener future.

Board of Directors

Tan Ek Kia

Chairman, Strides YTL

Tan Peng Kuan

Board Member, Strides YTL

Goh Eng Kiat

Board Member, Strides YTL

Lim Han Kwang

Board Member, Strides YTL

John Ng

Board Member, Strides YTL

Yeoh Keong Hann

Board Member, Strides YTL