ChargEco is now plugged into GetGo, Singapore’s largest carsharing service

As Singapore collectively strive for a car-lite future, car sharing takes the lead in not only easing traffic congestion but also reducing carbon emissions. What’s even more remarkable is the introduction of electric car sharing services, offering an even greener way to get around

Our collaboration with GetGo is geared toward enhancing the experience of drivers who opt to rent electric vehicles (EVs). Effective immediately, you can rent an EV and effortlessly locate and access ChargEco’s extensive network of charging points, all from the user-friendly GetGo app.

We’re excited about the prospect of supporting a car-lite society in Singapore, where sustainable and convenient transportation options are at your fingertips. As the EV revolution gains momentum, ChargEco is here to power the way forward, making eco-friendly transportation a reality for all.