ChargEco Partners with Lock+Store to Expand EV Charging Network

ChargEco is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Lock+Store, marking a significant step forward in expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across Singapore. The collaboration kicks off with the installation of EV charging points at the Lock+Store Chai Chee headquarters, enhancing the convenience for EV drivers using these facilities.

This partnership aligns perfectly with both companies’ commitment to the Singapore Green Plan 2030, aiming to bolster the nation’s sustainability efforts through improved access to EV charging solutions. ChargEco and Lock+Store’s shared vision for a greener future makes this initiative particularly impactful.

In addition to increasing the number of chargers at Lock+Store locations, ChargEco is also set to roll out more high-power DC chargers islandwide, capable of delivering 100kW and above. These chargers will enable EV drivers to recharge their vehicles in just 20 minutes, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing the overall user experience.

Stay connected for more updates as ChargEco and Lock+Store continue to expand their charging network and drive Singapore’s transition to a more sustainable transport ecosystem.