EV Chargers Now Live and Operational at Republic Polytechnic

We have officially launched EV chargers in Republic Polytechnic’s campus, now available for use by staff, students, and visitors, located conveniently in the public multistorey carpark and the staff basement carpark. The facility boasts a variety of AC and DC chargers, catering to different EV models to ensure a smooth and accessible charging experience for everyone on campus.

In a forward-looking move, Republic Polytechnic is also set to expand its sustainability efforts through strategic collaborations with ChargEco. These partnerships are aimed at providing students with practical, hands-on learning opportunities focused on the operation and technology of EV charging systems. As part of this educational initiative, students will:

  1. Acquire essential skills for the smooth operation of EV charging infrastructure.
  2. Gain valuable insights into the technology behind EV charging and its crucial role in building a sustainable future.
  3. Tackle real-world problem-solving using data from the installed EV chargers.

Join us in championing a greener future and be part of this initiative at Republic Polytechnic!