Powering Up: Over 100 Charging Points Now Operational!

At ChargEco, we understand the growing importance of a reliable and widespread charging network as the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road continues to rise.

Addressing Range Anxiety

To alleviate the common concern of range anxiety, the team has been hard at work over the past few months. We’ve successfully operationalised more than 100 charging points spread across Singapore. This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to making EV charging more accessible and convenient, not only for current EV drivers but also for those considering making the switch. Every new charging point brings us closer to building a robust EV ecosystem.

Expanding our Charging Network

But that’s not the end of our journey; it’s just the beginning. We’re excited to announce that we have even bigger plans in store for the future. You can look forward to the addition of even more charging points in your neighbourhoods.

Our goal is simple: to ensure that finding a charging spot is a breeze, making it easier for you to embrace the EV lifestyle. The ChargEco team is committed to maintaining this momentum and expanding our charging network even further.